Eastern Amateur Press Association, 1872-1890


THE Eastern Association was formed as an aid to the National organization in New York City, January 27, 1872. Charles H. Fowle, of Boston, was its first President. Meetings were held in Philadelphia the following July; in Boston in January, 1873; in July in New York; and in Philadelphia, January, 1874, after which it ceased its activities.


Four years later it was reorganized at Philadelphia with Delavan W. Gee, of Washington, as President. It continued for four years, meeting in Washington, New York and Providence; and George W. Baildon, Carl J. Ficke and Ralph Metcalf served as President. At Boston, in January, 1883, it was reorganized under auspicious circumstances, Charles G. Steele, of Buffalo, being made President. Personal rivalry, however, cut its existence short, but it once more was called into being at Albany, N. Y., in January, 1884, and there Brainerd P. Emery, the noted poet, was chosen President. It then had a rather precarious life for nine years, being practically reorganized in 1887, and again in 1890. At times its influence was powerful, but most of the time it was mainly active in fighting for its own life.


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