Hub Amateur Journalists Club, 1873-1884


A Hub Amateur Journalists Club has been formed several times, the last organization having a remarkable record. The first Hub A. J. Club was organized October 8, 1873, with J. Fred Sayer as President. Reorganized in 1877, Charles H. Fowle was chosen President, followed by J. Austin Fynes. Fowle was made Official Editor and issued the first official organ. In 1878 Clarence K. Stone was President and George H. Fernald Official Editor. Next year Fernald became President, and in 1879 Eben S. Frye held the office, Stephen S. Bartlett being Editor. It ended its career that Fall. It was reorganized November 3, 1883, with William E. Brigham as President, and Charles E. Wilson as Editor, and held a reunion meeting May 17, 1884. It then ceased to function.



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