Massachusetts Amateur Press Association, 1872-1890


The Massachusetts A.P.A. was organized at Lynn, on December 26, 1881, with Willard O. Wylie as President. It met in Boston July 4, 1882, and re-elected Wylie. At the Boston meeting January 2, 1883, Charles E. Wilson. was chosen President. The Association had a long and successful life. Conventions held and Presidents elected were as follows: Worcester, January 1884, George A. Dunn; New Bedford, July 1884, George A. Hough; Worcester, January 1885, Frank S. C. Wicks; Boston, July 1885, E. H. Rockwell; Leominster, December 1885, W. A. Cowley; Lowell, July 1886, E. E. Sargent; Boston, December 1887, Alfred H. Nash; July 1888, W. E. Baldwin; Boston, July 1889, Harriet C. Cox; 1891, C. A. Sheffield.


Another association by the same name was organized in Dorchester in April 1909, Joseph J. Lane, President, and continued until 1915, meeting monthly after 1911. Its Presidents were George A. Thomson, Robert C. Kelley, C. A. A. Parker and Ernest W. Crazier. Brooks Atkinson was a leading member.


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