Pacific Amateur Press Association, 1891


In 1891, another Pacific A.P.A. was organized. At its second convention, held in Portland, Ore., on July 11, 1892, George W. Cans was elected President and George H. Studley, Editor. At its third meeting August 23, 1893, John L. Peltret was made President. The fourth convention was held in San Francisco, September 8, 1894, and Herbert A. Schoenfeld was elected President and Franklin C. Mortimer, Editor. Meeting again in Portland in July, 1895, Ed A. Hering was chosen President, and F. Stacy Whitney, Editor. Its sixth conven­tion was held in San Francisco, July 6, 1896. A number of later organizations of Pacific Coast amateurs were formed, but they were of brief duration.


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