History of Early Amateur Journalism in Georgia


GEORGIA HAS NEVER HAD a State organization. A local club of amateur journalists was formed in Atlanta in 1899, with John M. Acee as President, but it had a brief life. As early as 1870 D. B. Thompson issued the Home Joker from Columbus, but had no companion in Georgia until 1874, when Edward Young started the Boys of Atlanta. In 1876 William M. Carter, of Gainesville, issued the Little Gem, and W. P. Wooley, of Atlanta, published the Amateur Gazette. Two years later P. J. Donahue, of Savannah, began the publication of his Amateur Advertiser, which he issued for several years. In Savannah, also, in 1879, Walter F. Furlong published the Forest City Amateur. From then on Georgia had few papers, among them being the Southern Breeze, West Point, of which Hyman Blumberg was editor, published in 1901; the Dreamer, from Tennile, Leonora Sheppard, editor, in 1908; and the Southern Journalist, Savannah, official organ of the South Eastern A.P.A., edited by A. G. Ulmer.


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