History of Early Amateur Journalism in Kentucky


A KENTUCKY A.P.A. was organized in September, 1872, with E. F. Madden, of Louisville, as President. The next year W. R. Campbell was President. The amateurs of Louisville organized a local club in 1873, with W. George Wilson as President and T. F. Carter, Official Editor.


Frank Cropper was the first amateur editor in Kentucky, issuing the Amateur World from Louisville in 1872. The same year W. R. Campbell began the Amateur Journal in Louisville, and the next year W. George Wilson issued the Welcome Guest. In Frankfort in 1872 the Headlight was published by T. Fred Carter, and the Western Youth by Will C. Dudley, and in 1876 the Kentucky Amateur was issued by F. D. Spotswood. In Winchester in 1872 came the Smooth Goon, a humorous monthly, edited by James Adams. In 1878 James M. Allen gained fame with his Times, and J. T. Pryor issued the Gem, both in Paris. In Catlettsburg, Ed L. Williams issued Make or Break in 1878, and in Covington, James P. Tarvis the Amateur, while next door in Newport, George issued the Corncracker. In 1879 in Frankfort the Capitol City Gem was published by George H. Woodward. In 1881 Thomas H. Swift issued Our Favorite from Paducah. Later journals were the Litera Magazine, formerly the Corncracker, from Dayton, Anthony C. Kreidler, editor; and American Youth, Ezra D. Sargent, editor, Morgan. Jeannette Swing was active in Dayton in 1890. In 1937 George B. Adams issued an illustrated paper from Whitesburg.


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