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Amateur Journalism Awards Sponsored by The Fossils

The Fossils has sponsored a variety of awards over the years. Here are descriptions of the two most prominent.

Gold Composing Stick

This award originated in 1953. Edna Hyde (Vondy) McDonald identified the award as a presentation to a member of amateur journalism for outstanding merit -- not a single feat of accomplishment, nor particularly an amateur activity.


1953: Edward H. Cole
1955: Sheldon & Helen Wesson
1957: Harry L. Lindquist
1958: Edna Hyde McDonald
1966: William F. & Matilda S. Haywood
1981: Leland M. Hawes, Jr.
1989: Ralph W. Babcock
1994: Harold Segal
2000: Elaine J. Peck
2004: Victor A. Moitoret
2007: David M. Tribby
2010: Stanley Oliner
2018: William E. Boys

The Russell L. Paxton Award

In honor of Russell Paxton, Fossil John Horn instituted and has since financed this award. It is deemed the Fossils' highest honor next to the coveted Gold Composing Stick Award. John's instructions for choosing the recipient are rather lengthy but, in brief, calls for an amateur journalist who has made substantial contributions, either in publishing, or in writing, or in peacemaking, or in holding an organization together, or in setting an example for others to follow.
1986: Russell L. Paxton
1988: Lauren Geringer
1989: Willlametta Keffer
1990: Leslie W. Boyer
1991: Harold Segal
1992: Victor Moitoret
1993: Ralph W. Babcock
1994: Eula "Merry" Harris
1995: Hyman Bradofsky
1996: Lenore Hughes
1999: Guy Miller
2000: Louise Lincoln
2001: Michael J. O'Connor
2002: Stanley Oliner
2003: Leland M. Hawes, Jr.
2004: Joseph A. Diachenko
2005: Frederick J. Liddle
2006: Gary Bossler
2007: Dean Rea
2008: William E. Boys
2009: Jacob L. Warner
2010: Ivan D. Snyder
2011: Ken Davis
2012: Ken Faig, Jr.
2016: Martin "Mike" Horvat
2018: David M. Tribby
2019: Peter E. Schaub