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How to Join The Fossils

The purpose of The Fossils is to stimulate interest in and preserve the history of independent publishing, either separate from or organized in the hobby known as "Amateur Journalism" and to foster the practices of amateur journalism.

Individuals or institutions allied with our goals are invited to join. Dues are $15 annually -- $20 for joint membership of husband and wife.

Annual subscription to The Fossil without privileges of membership is $10.

Make remittances payable to The Fossils and mail to the Secretary-Treasurer:

Tom Parson
157 South Logan, Denver, CO 80209

Please include the following information:




City:________________________________   State:__________   Zip:_____________

E-Mail: __________________________________________   Date:_______________


If you have any questions about The Fossils, you can e-mail the Secretary-Treasurer at s-t@thefossils.org

For comments on this Web site, send e-mail to the webmaster at website@thefossils.org